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Electro-Mechanical Engineering Services

planned maintenancePlanned Maintenance Program

Industrial machinery, equipment and systems must be properly designed, selected and regularly maintained to ensure they provide quality service throughout their service life. Small investments made in replacing components and maintaining these equipment and systems on a regular basis can save expensive and unnecessary upgrades or even replacement of the entire machinery in the future. JNB develops a tailor made planned / preventive maintenance program for any industrial equipment and system so that there is no interruption of service or manufacturing due to unforeseen breakdowns.

Complete protection through our preventive maintenance program means that companies running machinery have the ability to forecast and budget maintenance costs, maintain consistent maintenance procedures and above all reduce downtime due to unscheduled repairs and breakdowns. Our Unique planned / preventive maintenance system is developed by our pool of widely experienced personnel in electro-mechanical machinery and equipment. Essential introductory training is given to operators ensuring a package solution is rendered.

site_surveyAt JNB, we give a strong emphasis to training our personnel. Our staff is given a continuous training on basic operation and maintenance of machinery, basic fire prevention and firefighting techniques, personal safety and social responsibility (discipline), security procedures awareness and pollution prevention and environmental protection.

The company’s partner’s individual experiences in the shipping industry as captains and chief engineers of ocean going freighters have gained us considerable experience in conducting risk audits, inspections, fire and first aid drills. Apart from a continual training programs and progress assessments JNB has a policy of keeping records of marked mishaps, wrong practices, near misses, etc. Such cases are analyzed and recorded as a lesson-to-learn feedback for continuous learning and avoiding repeating same mistakes JNB maintains a business association with ABLE Engineers & Contractors for civil work service requirements.

20150125_082717As per our quality management policy, all JNBs operations are document based. Works of routine nature are always done with suitably compiled checklists and logbooks. Furthermore, JNB prepares and strictly follows/implements its corporate policy and procedure manuals. JNB uses key performance indicators for all projects to ensure that standards are maintained. These will be achieved through feedback process, operational efficiency and monitoring health and safety incidents.

Safety of Personnel is ensured by conducting risk assessments (RA), ensuring that all personnel don personal protective aids, using lock-out/ tag-out system and above all by training our personnel on safety issues. Our staff is fully aware and appreciates the importance of environmental issues associated with electro-mechanical works. Our managerial staff members have a good experience of working with environmental issues.

KIFARU - Gun boat (41)JNBs owners and managers experience in the marine transport industry entails working under the most stressful and difficult conditions while at sea, observing the most stringent safety and environmental protection regulations enforced in different countries, managing personnel from different countries who have cultural differences, performing under wide range of commercial and legal pressures the industry demands and above all having a work culture which is very much quality, time and result oriented. JNB’

s dynamic management policy enables the company to expand and contract seamlessly by employing pre-screened technical staff and providing a packaged training on standard service provision codes to the requirements of new projects and clients.

Stulz training Training and Consultancy

Short term basic training on the operation, maintenance and repair of:

  • Generators,
  • Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment,
  • Boilers,
  • Pumps,
  • Fire safety, and security systems
  • Air compressors, many kinds
  • Fuel & Oil Purifiers

We provide high standard training on industrial fire prevention and safety systems.

breakdown repairsBreakdowns and Repairs

In the event of a breakdown, whether a preventive maintenance program is in place or not, JNBs engineers and technicians respond to calls within 24 hours so that the machinery resumes its service at the earliest time possible.

Supply, Installation and Commissioning (Turnkey projects)

JNB can also supply, install and commission generators, air-conditioning & refrigeration systems, boilers, fire and security systems and other electro-mechanical machinery you may require.

Training of staff and dependable support system is available for machinery supplied, installed and commissioned by JNB.