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Marine Consultancy Services

ship-1083562_1920All aspects of general marine surveying can be undertaken by our consultant surveyors. Most vessel types are covered, e.g. bulk carriers, tankers (oil and combination), general cargo, multi-purpose ships, container vessels, and cargo Ro-Ro, and vehicle carriers.

JNB plc will provide clients with a thorough and consistently high quality survey, together with prompt and clear reporting in order to give an accurate, technical assessment of the situation.

 Survey Work

  • Condition surveys
  • Hull and Machinery damage
  • Draught surveys
  • Repair cost estimation
  • Machinery inspection
  • Ship pre-vetting (for OCIMF SIRE) and safety audits
  • Bunker disputes
  • Pollution control
  • Cargo supervision (general / dry bulk cargo)
  • Container stowage and securing
  • Project cargo inspections
  • Stevedore damage
  • Vessel cargo handling gear (lifting appliances)
  • Dock / berth handling gear damage

cargo inspectionCargo Surveys

Our cargo surveyors are master mariners, with extensive sea-going experience of a wide range of commodities. JNB’s cargo surveyors are able to provide accurate assessments of cause, nature and extent of damage to cargoes.

Container Stuffing & De-stuffing – Survey of internal & external condition of the container, followed by condition & tally of cargo being stuffed/de-stuffed

Warehouse Surveys – Assessing the condition & tally of the cargo at the warehouse

Weighbridge Supervision – Witnessing & reporting the tare weight of the vehicle prior loading and later on witnessing the weight of the same vehicle to ascertain the quantity loaded.

oil tankerCommodity Surveying

  • Bulk commodities
  • Oil products
  • Refrigerated perishables
  • Steel
  • Containers
  • Project cargo

Our Unique planned / preventive maintenance system is developed by our pool of widely experienced personnel in electromechanical machinery and equipment. Essential introductory training is given to operators ensuring a package solution is rendered.

ship on fireTechnical Investigation

We plan to assist clients by giving detailed, yet clear, views on the technical aspects of a case. Our technical expertise in shipping allows us to analyze incidents, such as ship stranding, bulkhead failure, cargo stow collapse, mixed oil products, collisions, etc…

Areas of Investigation:

  • Structural failure
  • Ship stability (intact / damage)
  • Hull damage
  • Total loss, grounding, stranding
  • Collision analysis (speed and angle of blow)
  • Container lashing and securing
  • Project cargo securing
  • Fire and explosion
  • Machinery damage
  • Ship performance analysis
  • Class and statutory compliance
  • Unsafe port claims
  • Oil and bulk cargo loss
  • Deck cargo loss
  • Lifting appliances

risk managementRisk Management Services

JNB Marine Consultants & Services offers Risk Management Services to evaluate and analyze Risks.

The risk assessment is carried out using a holistic approach which is in line with classification society and statutory compliance.

We can:

  • Identify and manage risk
  • Maintain compliance
  • Eliminate wasted efforts
  • Establish monitoring
  • Address asset quality issues
  • Reduction in risk perception with P&I clubs thus favorably impacting insurance premiums.

Services Offered:

  • Risk Analysis
  • Process Safety  Analysis
  • Likelihood and Consequences  Analysis
  • Resulting Impact and Control Measures
  • Risk Reduction Methods
  • Cost – Benefit Analysis
  • Risk Manual Preparation
  • Tailored Risk Training
  • Charter Party Contract Reviews
  • Other Specific Risk Related Services as per Customer Requirement

Lashing_cargo_in_the_holdsPlanning and Supervision

Short term basic trainings on the operation, maintenance and repair of:

  • General and break-bulk cargo loading and lashing/securing supervision
  • Project cargo lashing / sea-fastening design
  • Project cargo rigging design
  • Project cargo loading, heavy lifting and securing / sea-fastening procedures, planning and on site supervision
  • Oil cargo loading/discharging supervision

KIFARU_Gun_boat_conditin_surveyCondition Surveys

  • JNB undertakes both routine and post-incident condition surveys on behalf of a variety of clients including Owners, Charterers, Shippers, P&I clubs and Underwriters.
  • Surveys can be performed to the client’s own specification, and where required reported in the client’s own pro-forma survey report formation.
  • Typical Surveys:
  • Damage surveys of fixed and floating objects
  • P&I entry
  • Sale and purchase
  • On-off hire
  • Container condition survey
  • Vessel Suitability Surveys